Terms and Conditions

  • Specific Data Extractor are available on Digital-Box.in to fetch the data from specific targeted website i.e.,
    • Facebook Data Extractor to fetch data from Facebook.com.
    • Just Dial Data Extractor to fetch data from Justdial.com etc…
  • User have to register themselves to download the trial version and sample data. Registration form to be filled by user with required details (Valid email Id is compulsory) on, http://Digital-Box.in/contact.php
  • Trial version has the same functionalities except limitation to extract the No. of records.
  • All the Extractor will extract publicly available information only.
  • Data Extractor will function within the limitation imposed by the targeted website only, i.e. justdial.com for Just Dial Data Extractor, Facebook.com for Facebook Data Extractor and maps.google.com for Google Map Extractor.
  • User (Buyer) will be allowed to purchase the Extractor only if he / she has downloaded and activated the trial version of the purchased Extractor. This will ensure that buyer is satisfied with all the functionalities of the downloaded trial version.
  • Validity period has been associated with each Extractor license i.e. Life time, One month, 6 months, 12 months etc.
  • Extractor will cease to function once the validity of the Extractor gets expired.
  • Digital-Box requires the user to go through product description before making the purchase.
  • Refund will be allowed as per the refund policy mentioned on Digital-Box.in/…..

Technical Terms:

  • While installing the Extractor, make sure that computer meets the system requirements of the installed Extractor.
  • Extractor is able to scrape around 300 to 5000 records on a daily basis. The daily limit of scraping can vary depending upon the following factors,
    • Global Limit imposed by the targeted website
    • Response rate from the targeted website
    • Availability of the Bandwidth at user end
    • Due to other unforeseeable reasons like temporarily IP blockage, captcha intervention etc.
  • User can transfer the Extractor to different computer any No. of times to operate the Extractor from different computers.
    • Extracted data on older computer will not be transferred only Extractor will be transferred.

Support Terms:

  • User need to raise the ticket by sending email on info@Digital-Box.in, when support is required.
  • Support will be provided via following mentioned mediums of communication,
    • Live chat from the website
    • Email
  • Support will be available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm as per IST (UTC + 5:30 hours).

Maintenance Terms:

For Rental users:

  • Rental purchase user will have to renew the Extractor once the validity of the Extractor gets expire to avail for support, bug fixes and getting the perpetual updates.

For Life time users:

  • Life time user has to purchase the maintenance license for support, bug fixes and getting the perpetual updates.
  • Maintenance License will include the updates of the Extractor, if the structure of the targeted website has got changed along with all upgraded versions of the purchased Extractor.
  • Complementary maintenance of first 3 months from date of purchase will be free of cost.
  • User (Buyer) has to purchase the maintenance license once the complementary maintenance period of first 3 months from date of purchase gets expired.
  • Following changes are not included in the maintenance license of Extractor,
    • Add/modify the input / output parameters
    • Changes in system behaviour
    • Any other additional functionality

Refund Policy:

If you have any technical difficulties then please contact us on info@Digital-Box.in. We will be happy to solve any of your problem.

We allow full refund to all our users (Clients), if user (Client) had claimed the refund within 15 days from date of purchase for any of the Extractor.

We will assume that user (Client) had claimed the full refund due to any of the following reason:

  • If purchased product License is not functioning as per the trial version.
    • There is no incompatibility issue of our products/solution with some third-party software (plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions etc) other than those which are specified as compatible in system requirements.

How to claim the refund:

  • Refund claim should be done via email (or in written) to info@Digital-Box.in.
    • We request users to claim the refund by mentioning the reason of discomfort. That will enable us to enhance our offering and overcome with the bottleneck or problem area if any.